Adrian Eng-Gastelum

Director | Political Special Projects


Adrian Eng-Gastelum is a highly skilled and crisis-tested political strategist and movement builder known for his exceptional ability to shape complex national news narratives. With a foundation built on organizing rural Mexican farm workers, Adrian has proven himself as a masterful movement builder for national leaders, campaigns, and causes. Rising rapidly in the Biden Harris Administration, he served as Senior Advisor for Health Secretary Xavier Becerra, orchestrating hundreds of successful interviews, events, and moments. Prior to this, he played key roles in directing agency communications teams, leading policy communications on critical issues, and spearheading innovative Latino outreach strategies for the Biden campaign in Nevada. Adrian’s impressive track record includes strategic communications for congressional candidates across the western United States at the DCCC, supporting the presidential transition, and launching Climate Power through the Center for American Progress Action Fund. His war room communications expertise was developed during Senator Elizabeth Warren’s presidential campaign.

Adrian can usually be found running late to the dinner he planned or, preferably, in the front row at one of his favorite House and Techno DJ’s shows.