Gavin Lodge is an account strategist and social media specialist for Bryson Gillette. After two decades on Broadway, Gavin brings creativity, insight and smidgeon of pizazz to social media management. In 2015, Gavin successfully launched his own brand of baby gear for stylish dads where he cut his teeth in utilizing new media to reach target audiences. Gavin’s understanding of the creative process, ability to adjust to varying client needs, and understanding of what it takes to cut through the noise makes him an asset for Bryson Gillette and its clients.

Having worked as a field organizer in Iowa many moons ago, then as a manager for then-candidate U.S. Senator Maria Cantwell (WA), Gavin left politics to pursue show business in New York City. Over the course of a career including five Broadway shows, several original cast albums, a dozen TV appearances, and a turn on the Late Show with David Letterman (where he was greased up as a singing “Rambo” for a parody sketch), he’s followed other passions including founding the “baby gear for stylish dads” fashion start-up, E.C.Knox. His greatest pride are his two children, for which he waded into the political madness of Manhattan Public Schools by serving as PTA President.

Gavin is thrilled to be back in politics to bring about real change for progressive causes that will ensure a more just world for his children and yours.