Isabel Petriki

Senior Advisor


Isabel Petrikin is a veteran communications professional with leadership experience in national politics, news media, and entertainment. At Bryson Gillette, she leverages her cross-sector expertise and her proficiency in creative and strategic thinking, project management, crisis public relations, and event production. In over a decade working in entertainment at Lionsgate, Twentieth Century Fox, the Yari Film Group, and Miramax, Isabel ran both national and regional publicity departments, successfully devising and executing corporate communications strategies and publicity campaigns for the studios and their feature films, as well as planning  and executing film premieres and events at prestigious festivals like Sundance and Toronto. Early in her career, she held numerous roles in Democratic presidential politics, serving as director of advance for the Gore campaign, scheduler to Vice President Al Gore, and conducting advance work for Presidents Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden; Vice Presidents Kamala Harris and Al Gore; and Secretaries of State Hillary Clinton and John Kerry. Isabel also draws on her multicultural and multilingual background, which includes fluency in Spanish and proficiency in French and Italian. 

Isabel resides in Los Angeles with her husband, Chris Petrikin, their two sons, and two dogs. In their free time they like to…oh wait, they don’t have any free time. They have travel baseball to thank for that.