Senior Director



Jason Mandell helps changemakers and organizational leaders deepen their impact through persuasive messaging, powerful storytelling, and the strategic deployment of resources. A skilled writer, creative thinker and experienced media strategist, Jason positions his clients to increase their exposure, influence public opinion, and change policy. Over the years, he has secured coverage in countless outlets, from the New York Times to Politico; scripted everything from brand videos to op-eds to speeches; and provided media coaching for everyone from CEOs and elected officials to teachers and farmers. His proudest moments at Bryson Gillette including helping to launch a national climate coalition advocating for regenerative agriculture; shepherding a national paid advertising campaign pressuring Congress to pass voting rights legislation; creating consumer-friendly messaging for a housing startup and an innovative crowdfunding platform; and significantly expanding the media footprint of the nation’s largest and oldest scholarship provider to Indigenous students. A former reporter, Jason has served as a communications director for nonprofits advocating for better schools, economic justice, and solutions to homelessness. 

Jason and his partner Ellie live in Pasadena and enjoy hiking,  eating, bossa nova, and the occasional healthy debate.