Michael Ocon handles project management and a variety of writing and media relations duties for clients on Bryson Gillette’s public affairs and political teams. A passionate advocate for educational equity and institutional access, as well as a trained political organizer, Michael interned for influential elected officials, political campaigns and advocacy organizations, including Antonio Villaraigosa for Governor; Kamala Harris’ Senate office and presidential campaign; George Gascón for District Attorney; and SEIU-USWW. In these roles, he worked closely with senior staff on communications and rapid response, field organizing strategy, and policy advocacy on education reform and youth voter engagement. At Stanford University, Michael served as the inaugural Student Advisor to the Provost and Vice Provost of Student Affairs. In this newly created role, he counseled administrators and trustees on issues related to budget reform, investment responsibility, community crisis response, public safety, and diversity and inclusion. He also co-founded the Stanford Coalition for Workers’ Rights, which raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for direct Covid-related relief for hundreds of Bay Area workers. 

In his spare time, Michael can be found gaming with his friends, watching true crime documentaries, listening to R&B, and writing stories about the places and the people he calls home.