Partner | Chief Operating Officer 


A deep-thinking and detailed strategist with a background in advocacy, government and law, Sarah Angel advises nonprofits and education organizations on navigating a myriad of public relations challenges and opportunities. She helps clients tell powerful stories about their impact and guides them to achieve their goals with integrity, courage and heart. A former prosecutor, Sarah served as the chief of staff to the vice president of the Los Angeles Unified Board of Education, where she managed a team serving L.A.’s public school students and their families. As a managing director for the California Charter Schools Association, Sarah led a team that advocated for equity in L.A.’s underserved communities through on-the-ground organizing, political campaigning, and policy initiatives in partnership with educators, families and nonprofit leaders. She began her career in Sacramento as a staff consultant for the California State Assembly Budget Committee.

Outside of work, you can find Sarah on family trips to the beach with her husband Dan and their three kids, and singing off-key to the musical “Hamilton” while tending to her dozens of plants inside and out.