IMAGE ©Dania Maxwell / Los Angeles Times

Published: May 13, 2021

Eryn Brown is a disabled 20-year veteran talent manager in Hollywood who’s tired of being unwelcome on red carpets and award stages. An L.A. Times story this week examined how she is helping change Hollywood’s entire approach to disability. Along with other disabled people and allies, Brown has co-founded 1IN4 Coalition, an intersectional organization looking to bring accessibility to movie sets, greater hiring of disabled people from management to writers’ rooms, from crews to actors, and to tell more authentic stories. 

“I’m yearning for this day [when]…we see our representation in comedies and on television and in film and in dramas that really represents our true numbers in society, and really has storylines that are much truer to our everyday lives,” Brown told the L.A. Times. Check out the article for a great read on 1IN4’s change-making campaign.