Citizens for a Strong Democracy Reassure Americans on Election Security

Bryson Gillette is proud to work with organizations fighting for positive political change to benefit all Americans and our democracy. One of those organizations is Citizens for Strong Democracy (CSD), a bipartisan effort to strengthen public confidence in the election process.

10 Social Media Musts for Campaigning

You’ve been inspired by the events of 2020 and you’re thinking about running for office. Or maybe you want to get involved in your community and lift up local voices. Here are 10 essential actions that will help you make the most of social media.

Voting in Person? Know Your Rights

This year, amidst a devastating pandemic, vote-by-mail could be your best option. But if you prefer to vote in person, by all means do so, while staying socially-distanced. Although it’s unlikely, some voters might encounter individuals hoping to pressure, upset or intimidate them. So when you show up at the polls, it’s crucial that you know your rights.

Data Directory for Campaigning During Covid-19

A round-up of data, texting, and digital content sharing services

This is not your father’s campaign season. Nor is it the campaign of 2018, when GOTV was still by the books and everyone drank matcha and judged social media influencers while sorting Saturday morning canvassing assignments.

Content Creation Tips for Social Media

Social media platforms demand nearly constant content creation. It can seem like an overwhelming task, but if done well, it’s worth it. Strategically developed content can make a big impact on your campaign, attracting new supporters while keeping established ones engaged.

Harness the Power of Social Media for Your Campaign in 20 Steps

Social media platforms provide free and creative marketing tools for candidates, especially as voters socially distance and spend more time scrolling, clicking, and “like”ing.

Authenticity and honesty make for the most interesting and captivating content, which are keys to winning over voters.

White Paper: Campaigning During COVID-19

Managing a political campaign in 2020, as the coronavirus continues to endanger lives and upset norms, requires thinking differently. However, the restrictions posed by Covid-19 have spurred some creative ways to reach voters that are, in some cases, more effective than conventional campaigning techniques. In other cases, tried-and-true tactics are the way to go.

Wisconsin: A Brief Case Study in Campaigning During Covid

The spread of Covid-19 and the restrictions of social distancing mean that almost all campaign outreach in 2020 will be digital. While this new reality is posing challenges for many campaigns, others have quickly adapted and demonstrated impressive results.

10 Ins and Outs of Campaigning During COVID

The good news is the basics haven’t changed. Campaigns are still about connecting with voters based on your vision and your personality, even while social distancing. And they’re still about organizing—inspiring your friends and supporters to talk to their friends (and their friends and so on) to build a vast network of support for your candidacy.

There is no secret formula. Human connection and organizing. That’s all.

Sarah Angel Shares Parent Concerns About Teachers Strike, Need For Great Teachers

Sarah Angel, chief of staff for LAUSD Board Vice president Nick Melvoin, as well as LAUSD’s Senior Executive Director, Finance and Policy Pedro Salcido, and Lizette Patron, chief of staff for Board President Monica Garcia, accepted 1,300 petitions from parent protestors demanding that LAUSD resolve teacher contract talks

Bill Burton behind the Super PAC that succeeded: Priorities USA

When the Supreme Court decided to allow unlimited spending in political campaigns in the now infamous Citizens United decision, progressives and libertarians alike, expressed concern about the impact on democracy.

On the way to Legoland, my 4-year-old son sent a wave of horror through this liberal father when he described the heroine of “The Lego Movie” by saying, “She’s really good at fighting and getting bad guys, even though she’s a girl.”

Bill Burton, Aug 2016: 5 Reasons to be wary of the dumpster fire that is Trump’s Campaign

When I was about 12, I started a dumpster fire. Me and an equally dumb friend – not to name names but … it was Larry Browning, now a successful attorney in Los Angeles – did it in the parking lot of a CVS in Buffalo.


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