Published: October 23, 2022

Bill Burton recently spoke to the LA Times about what we can learn from new polling on the LA mayoral race. The polling, conducted by UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies, found that Caruso has been cutting into Bass’ lead. 

Among all registered voters, Caruso is now behind by 3 percentage points, illustrating a nine point gain since August. Among likely voters, Bass continues to lead by 15 points even if she is down from a 21-point lead last month.

Bill notes that Caruso’s gains among registered voters isn’t the hail mary his campaign was hoping for. When it comes to polling, it can be easy to take the numbers at face value, but “the actionable information in a poll is with likely voters because elections are decided by people who actually vote.” Bass remains the frontrunner by still holding a significant lead with likely voters. 

Bill is supporting Karen Bass for LA mayor. 

Read the full Roll Call article here.