In our ongoing celebration of heritage months, many members of the Bryson Gillette team contributed books, TedTalks, audio stories and bookshops to amplify the voices of women for Women’s History Month. We hope you’ll take a dive into some women’s history, current events and businesses that help make the world a better place.

Explore the 111th International Women’s Day at the @womensday website – commemorating triumphs & struggles of the women’s rights movement.

With roots in Clara Zetkin’s labor activism in 1911 and Russian women marching for “bread and peace” in 1917, the #InternationalWomensDay deserves worldwide celebration. Check out the timeline of the history of #InternationalWomensDay

BG Team member Mariela Casellas

“We Should All Be Feminists,” @ChimamandaReal‘s TedTalk, is a powerful reminder of why feminism helps women and men alike. Now more than ever, we must elevate the feminist voices advocating for equity across genders.

BG Team Member Sarah Angel

“Beyond Leaning In” by @melanieho13 is a different kind of business book—based on research, but told as a novel & designed to spark discussion among all demographics. It’s the perfect thought-provoking book for Women’s History Month!

BG Team Member Ralph Jean

Founded by SpelmanCollege alumna Asha Grant, the #SaltEatersBookshop is an independent bookstore in Inglewood, CA. The Salt Eaters prioritizes books, comics, and zines by and about Black women, girls, femmes, and nonbinary people.

Inspired by “The Salt Eaters” by Toni Cade Bambara, the shop serves as resting ground for everyone in the community and works to create a Black feminist literary hub. This is one of my favorite community hubs in Los Angeles and by far my favorite bookstore. – Ralph Jean

BG Team Member Lucy Martikyan

Today, as part of Women’s History Month, we are honoring all the heroic women of #Artsakh who have quietly yet resolutely devoted themselves to protecting their families and restoring hope for a world free of hate crimes and injustices.

While there’s been little media coverage, their bravery and commitment to provide a better life for their families does not go unnoticed.

BG Team Member Ralph Jean

“Mad at Miles: A Black Woman’s Guide to Truth” by Pearl Cleage, renowned playwright, poet, and political activist. Created by @PCleage to serve Black women navigating racism & sexism.

I recommend this excellent read to anyone who wishes to be an ally to women and better understand the unique experiences of Black women in America.

Bryson Gillette Team Member Kelvin Green

Women’s history month is both a time to celebrate and a time to raise awareness. #MMIWG2S 

The 2nd leading cause of death for indigenous girls ages 1-4 is murder. Violence accounts for 75% of deaths for indigenous youth ages 12-20. 

Native women face murder rates 10 times the national average. 1 of 3 native women are raped. (Urban Indian Health Institute) #MMIWG2S 

Let us keep indigenous women, girls, and two-spirits in memory. Only then can we make a difference. #NoMoreStolenSisters #MMIWG2S

Bryson Gillette Team Member Gavin Lodge

Inspiring @NPR audio article about the history of Ukrainian women volunteering to protect their country – beginning in World War I and through today.