Vice President


Seth Litt is a strategist, communicator and doer who has spent 20 years bringing people together to build capacity and develop strategy to solve complex challenges. Equally skilled at media relations, brand-building, activating coalitions, and digital engagement, Seth employs every tool at his disposal to help his clients – from innovative national nonprofits to leading technology companies – expand their imagination of what is possible and then achieve their goals. Seth is also a seasoned nonprofit executive whose work has strengthened public education and empowered disenfranchised communities. He has organized marginalized families in Los Angeles to secure historic policy victories increasing access to high quality schools. He co-founded an organization that raised and distributed funds to over 4,000 families during the height of the pandemic. Seth founded a public high school in the South Bronx for young people who deserve a fair shot at happiness and success after being impacted by the criminal legal system. 

Seth and his wife Lucy live in Washington DC with their two Australian Shepherds, Zeus and Lefty.